Maliyah is an inquisitive six-year old who loves to read books and watch cartoons. When she and her mom visit a store to buy shampoo for wash day, they notice all the products for her hair type are locked up. Maliyah and her mom must decide — buy the products or take a stand?

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ASL Translation of Free the Curls

Translation by Arlene Ngalle-Paryani

What People Are Saying About Free the Curls

The story and the illustrations were instantly relatable for my own 6 year old children. It was heart-warming to see them get excited not only relating to the curly hair experiences of Maliyah but to also see their genuine curiosity to the real world injustice Maliyah later encounters. This book is not only a wonderful “mirror” and “window” for young children but also a great entry point to reflect (for children AND adults) on how we recognize and navigate bias and inspire agency for young children. As a parent and educator it is a must have book for my libraries. I hope we get to see more stories through Maliyah/ Marissa’s lens soon! 

Early Childhood Educator

The book is wonderful. It tells a story that is very relatable, easy to read, and sparks interest.

Retired Educator

This book is charming, heart-warming, and NECESSARY. Marissa addresses a real world problem in ways that are relatable for both children and adults. She elegantly infuses Black culture into the book while addressing the topic in a way that is relatable to everyone. I highly recommend this book for children, adults, educators, and students. PS – you won’t want to miss the ending!